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Imagine a world where you are sipping cold cocktail on the beach, friends and family somewhere around, safe, warm and happy. Your only problem is in which restaurant to eat next and which adventure you should join tomorrow to learn more from the world we live in…

I know how it feels when you first decided to have a website you though it will be the go-to place for your visitors in the industry, where they can find everything they need and you will be rich quickly… but your dreams were quickly dashed when you realized that you are not even on the 2nd page of google, you spend more time with blogging and content creation than with actually running your business and people who finally find your page leaving pretty soon. The investment didn’t paid off and you feel like it’s not worth it at all.

What pisses me off is that so many scams are out there and you get 200 pushy sales emails / calls daily which making your life hell. Things don’t work anymore which worked 5 years ago.

We live in an information overload and what we forget is that there is no get-rich-quick-one-solution for everyone.

The online world is changing every day. People looking for companies they can relate to, engage with.

I’m just sick of seeing that tremendous amount wasted resources and talents what a normal corporate company “consumes”. Don’t you think?

I am passionate about helping people to pursue their dreams and making the Earth a better place.

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