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How to beat overwhelm

I would like to talk about a little productivity and procrastination, and the emotional roller coaster, actually, what we will experience, I think, during a process when you learn something new, or you are building a new business. And actually just came to me, because...

Me celebrating small successes

You always hear you need to celebrate small wins in order to be able to keep going. In the last 2 years down the road of online marketing, I was never satisfied with the outcome, with the achievements.   I guess it’s not just me who started this journey with full...

Momentum Day Inspiration [Video]

Happy Monday!   I’m so pumped – my entrepreneurial part, better to say. My 8-5 part is just annoyed J SFM had a Momentum Day at Saturday at London Heathrow. It was just amazing. So many like-minded people, such an inspiration to keep going and chasing our dreams....

Start your future today

I hope you liked my very first magazine last week. We’ve received lots of love and I’m so happy that I started this little project of mine. I really hope after a couple of issues you will see that there are thousands of opportunities out there. There is not good or...

Interview with Brenda Bos

It's always nice to learn from people whom already did what we try to achieve. Please welcome Brenda Bos who created a lifestyle we all want. Learn more about her business and how she did it in the magazine! This is my new little project for 2016, I'll share a success...

Create your own Reality

Creating change in your life is hard. Experts say it’s 9:1 even if you face life-frightening illness. It’s frightening, isn’t it? The good news is, you can beat those odds – says Patti Dobrowolski in the below TED Talk-x.   I think nowadays the problem is that...

From fear to be proud

The ups and downs of being an online entrepreneur   I was listening a podcast the other day – like I always do in the gym. And they’ve mentioned something what I’ve just experienced myself. I’ll share this now with you, because if there is one thing I’ve learned...

5 steps from Awareness to a Happy Life

Awareness is just such a big part of our lives. I thought I share this with you. I think it’s so powerful. You might just think, yeah, well, I heard this so many times. Believe me you heard this enough once you started to take action.

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