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7 Morning Rituals To Make Your Day 8 Times More Productive

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine. ” — John C. Maxwell Rituals make you who you are. The morning ritual is rediscovering productivity at the start of the day. You need...

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Online Marketing Magazine Interview with Carolyn Louise

In today’s crazy running world, we do have the advantage of internet, but in business it also made more competition and more information we need to coop with. If you are following productivity gurus you hear a lot that to be able to achieve what you want, you need to...

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Me celebrating small successes

You always hear you need to celebrate small wins in order to be able to keep going. In the last 2 years down the road of online marketing, I was never satisfied with the outcome, with the achievements.   I guess it’s not just me who started this journey with full...

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3 Smart Ways (not only) For Authors To Use Periscope

  As you might now I’ve published my first book of mine regarding becoming healthy, what are the first 10 steps to take if you would like to become healthy.   And I also publish the monthly Online Marketing Magazines what I send to my subscribers monthly on...

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Interview with Ken Cloutier

Get inspired by everyday people who took action and running the life they always wanted. Interview with Ken Cloutier – business coach, network marketer, husband and dad

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Interview with Anna Chainska – Online Marketing Magazine Issue 4

Anna Chainska is a remarkable women, mother, wife, coach and I could go on with the list! She went through the a lot and instead of giving up she fought and won! Created a brand new Lifestyle for herself, for her family and makes sure every day that she does something meaningful with her Life.

Please welcome Anna by our 4th Issue of Online Marketing Magazine with Agnes Bogardi!

She shares her 5-step formula for success and also golden nuggets about coaching and starting a business!

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How to monetize PLR products

Not a copywriter, no problem! Learn how to find and monetize different PLR products (articles, ebooks, videos, etc.). Make your life easier and start to create a funnel straight away!

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What is PLR?

What is PLR? PLR means Private Label Rights, this means you can use the content and share as your own. Brilliant isn’t it? Sure there are pros and cons, but sometimes you just need one to kick your business.

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How to monetize a free membership site

Now you have your free membership website, you have a very long and impressive list, you are ready to start reaping the benefits and profiting from your hard work. Your list should include the names and email addresses of those people who are vitally interested in a specific topic and the products and services that are associated with that topic.

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