In today’s episode I go into the 3rd business model you can start today!  This might need a little more experience, but an easy, hands-off model with tons of options and opportunities.

If you know already what you want to do, stay until the end an I’ll have a free offer for you how to generate marketing budget for your ideas. Learn more: and let’s get started!

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Income Level Change for 2018? How does that sound?
In today’s episode I offer you something for free!

Yes, I offer you to partner up with you, share my resources and knowledge – listen the podcast for more information – and work with you to generate some money in the new year!

If you are in just feel out this form and schedule a call – link is after you submitted!

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Passion, Freedom And A Business Model Around It Episode 11

Happy New Year!

I’m not sure about you, but I like to reflect on the last year, what I’ve done, what I haven’t.

My mother was here, and we were talking about family stuff and how I was as a child, and actually, I realized something, and I’m pretty sure most of you can relate to it, because you are here, because you want to start your laptop lifestyle. You want to start your own business.


… and I also share the second online business model you can start straight away.. but only if you are serious!

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The K-Model to quit your job Episode 10

WARNING: This will change your view how you look at Instagram again!

If you are here you are most likely not happy with your life right now. It can be your job, it can be your co-workers, or you just know there must be more out there!
And you are right, there is. But we still have to pay the bills and exchange money for all sort of stuff.
In todays episode I share with you one of the 4 main models people earn money with online!
But I warn you, it’ll change the way you look at marketing for good 😉

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I think most businesses fail because they start to operate inversely. I did that too as I didn’t know better. But I do now     and I make sure I teach this to my clients as well. In today’s episode I share what I told my friend who is seeking a better life and I tell you too: You DO have other options.  If you stay until the end you will have the blueprint to go out there and get started. And also you get a little FREE Bonus to all to that! Share, like, comment, subscribe if you have someone else you think this could help!

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Christmas is coming and it made me realize a couple of things and I’m committed to change. Change in my life and change in business!  Are you committed enough to take daily action? Are you committed enough to keep doing even if you really don’t feel to?I truly believe if you are not ready to make changes it’s just because your pain is not big enough!
Let’s Build Your Laptop Lifestyle together! Subscribe, follow, like and comment! Read the blog: Are you committed enough?

Read the blog:  In this episode I talk about productivity, how to be productive and about procrastination, overwhelm and the emotional roller coaster we experience usually during learning or when you are building a new business.

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The reason of “Let’s Build Your Laptop Lifestyle” is to share stories and open your eyes, that IT IS POSSIBLE to live a different life as you are living right now.

I was commuting four, sometimes even more hours a day to a job I hated. How I turned around everything? Listen, subscribe and let’s get started building your laptop lifestyle.


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When procrastination hits in you know it’s a sign of overwhelm and that you don’t have a plan. In online marketing I learned the hard way that it’s because I got caught up with tiny things, learning but not focusing on the number one action I should be focused on. Which is the money producing activity!

Starting a new business, a new online opportunity can be overwhelming!
But don’t let that happen to you ever again. Focus on the money producing activities, the ones bring you the most amount of money in and you will figure the rest.


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